hi, nice to meet you

HI. I'm joann, a wedding and boudoir photographer living in orange county, california. i'm passionate about what i do. i love making women feel beautiful and capturing the powerful connection between a couple.

Photo by Daniel Cruz

I am a wife and also a mother to a curious two year old boy who loves to play and run around outside. We traveled around the country living in a small space for half a year. We loved every bit of it while it lasted, and we now enjoy the outdoors by hiking and camping every now and then.

I am inspired by the beautiful scenery nature offers and absolutely love photographing people outdoors with amazing views.

It's the little things that may seem messy and imperfect but are absolutely beautiful and perfect to me. The messy wind blown hair, the way you make each other laugh... I'm all about capturing you for who you are. Genuine emotions and real love.

Photo by Joann Loo

*TMI warning* Becoming a mother has been the most wonderful thing to have happened to me, but it has also affected how I saw myself. Many days, I only saw tired eyes and extra weight. I had a long recovery after having my son, and was stuck in adult diapers and ice packs for the longest time (Can't say I didn't warn ya there'd be TMI!). I felt far from desirable and I hated the feeling. I decided to change my outlook and became passionate about helping other women change theirs as well.

Ready to book a session? Get in touch and we'll chat over coffee. Coffee's on me :)